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Many of the calendar entries on this site are obtained from NEohioPAL, a free service administered by Fred SternFeld. Actingbuff.com makes annual financial contributions to NEohioPAL. Subscribe to NEohioPAL (it's FREE!) to see more Northeast Ohio Performing Arts postings.


35th Cleveland International Film Festival PDF Print E-mail
Written by Terry Smith   

Office Space parody some Virginia Marti College students produced to promote the Film Festival.
Click on Showtime calendar entries marked "SF-Cleveland Intnl Film Festival" for more information.

Add your event to our Calendar, it's free. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Terry Smith   

New entry alternative: Instead of entering start and end times, it's easier to just enter the days of the show as an ALL DAY entry, and then put the detail with the Start times in the Content section. Using this approach you only need to make one entry to include days with varying showtimes. That is, you can make one entry when performances are on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, when Sunday usually has an afternoon Start time. Events entered as ALL DAY events show up first in the calendar, followed by events where Showtimes have been entered.

See a new article about this site, written by Kate Miller, at Examiner.com. Thanks, Kate!

actingbuff.com grew from my interest in the theater both as an actor and as someone who likes to attend theater productions. When looking for something to audition for, I wished I had a list of all auditions for particular day so I wouldn't have to search newspaper sites, mailing lists, and specific theater websites. Similarly, when I'm not acting in a show and want to see what's playing on the weekend, I wanted a list of just the shows.

Disclaimer: always verify any events by calling the theater or visiting the respective website since entry errors are possible and because times and dates may change from the time original information was circulated.

I obtained schedule information mostly from the Neohiopal newsletter. However, since I will not be able to enter all the events in the future, in will be a win-win if the theater and acting community in Northeast Ohio enter their own information. Registration is free.

Anyone will be able to view the calendars, but only registered users can make calendar entries. You must first Create an account on the site, then send me a message, using the 'Contact Us' function, to request Update authorization.

Once you obtain this you can add information, but you will not be able to change or delete data, including the entries you made. This is for security reasons so that somebody else does not mess up your info. If you want to change or delete something, you will have to contact me. (This feature may change soon such that you will be able to modify your own entries.)

Calendar Entries

As I indicated, this site contains two calendars.
Use the 'Audition' calendar to find out when and where auditions are being held in the greater Cleveland area. Use the 'Showtimes' calendar when you are looking for something to attend.

Whether viewing or entering data for an event, this is the Key to a calendar event prefix:
APA - Audition for Play by Appointment only - NEW code, for auditions with no set time, follow contact information
A - Audition for a Play
AF - Audition for a Film
S - Showtime for a Play
SF - Showtime for a Film
SI - Showtime for Improv

A - North Olmsted @Town Hall - A Question of Guilt

The first part, A, indicates the calendar item type. This abbreviation is used so you only have to open the type of activity you're looking for, an audition or a show, for example. Since the entire entry does not show on the calendar itself (click on the entry for complete information), the prefixes remind you which calendar you are on and the event type - an audition, show, play, film, or improv.

The next two parts, North Olmsted - Town Hall, is the city where the activity takes place, and then the theater name. Some postings may not require both since the city may identify the theater well enough.

The last part, A Question of Guilt, is the name of the play or event.

Once you open an item, more details about the event are listed. Also, when the monthly view gets too 'busy', you may want to switch to the Weekly view using the icons above the calendar.

Request Update Authority
As described above, to add content to this site you must create an account, and send me a message through the Contact Us page. I can help you create your first Audition and Show entries. You can type in the information or you can pretty much cut and paste any information from another electronic document you might already have prepared.

I hope the site adds value to everyone's theater experience on both sides of the curtain.

Why a Karaoke Calendar? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Terry Smith   

Karaoke provides a way for anyone to take the first step in the performing arts by giving them an easy way to participate immediately. Mihaly Csikszentmihaly mentions in his book, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, that those in the community of some ancient civilizations were expected to participate in the arts, not just 'enjoy' them passively.

Many people deride karaoke, preferring to hear accomplished singers and/or live musicians, but this site is intended to be used as a tool primarily for people to get actively involved in performing.

And karaoke is not just for beginners. Many excellent singers can be found at karaoke.

The Karaoke calendar is just under way, so register and add your own karaoke places.

Along with karaoke in night clubs, does anyone know of any non-alcoholic events? Go ahead and enter them or send them to me using the Contact Us page.

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