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Magic Moments. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Terry Smith   

For me, if a play has just one special moment or quality it's worth the price and time it takes to attend. In Tremont's continuous continuum's 'A Map of Virtue', it's the quality of Logan Smith's understated performance. In just a few lines, his delivery makes the character someone you want to listen to, to talk to, to hang out with. At the least he reminds us of people we all know that have that effect.

In Beck Center's 'Seminar', it's Lara Mielcarek Knox when she stands at the edge of the stage, not saying a word but reacting to others. The audience feels what she is feeling because her characterization is so complete up to that moment.

Back In Tremont, in 'Heartbreak House' at the Pilgrim facility, it's the scene between young Ellie(Anjanette Hall) and the old Skipper(Thomas Q. Fulton, Jr.), their heartwarming dialogue, close to each other in a soft light, let's the audience believe that love is ageless and timeless.